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Ron Orders

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Ron Orders has been working as a producer/director/cameraman since the mid-70’s making films first with Liberation Films, then through his own production company Cinecontact which he founded in 1979. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:15 Growing up 00:01:08 Education 'Scholarship boy' 00:03:12 Parents professions 00:04:30 Briefly studying engineering Teaching photography 00:05:45 Beginning of UK Community politics Covent Garden 00:06:56 Liberation Films 00:10:18 UK Radical Film networks Distribution 00:13:15 Pioneers of portable cameras AKAI 00:14:13 Starting To Happen (1974) 00:18:09 Fly a Flag for Poplar (1974) 00:21:00 A coup at Liberation 00:22:40 Cinecontact  00:23:16 Channel 4 00:23:59 Reflection on later work & relevance of early work 
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