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John White

John White is a BAFTA award-winning TV and multi-platform director and producer. He combines over 15 years of craft skills as an editor, working particularly in TV documentaries and current affairs, with award-winning drama directing and project development experience. He developed and directed the multi award-winning interactive youth drama series ‘L8R’, the first of its kind in the UK, as well as the three sister series of ‘L8R Youngers’ for BBC Learning, two of which also won Children’s BAFTA awards. He was for 8 years a Director of Hi8us South, one of the UK's leading participative youth media organizations. He has mentored young filmmakers and taught production skills extensively, including 10+ years practice teaching at Goldsmiths College. He founded the video project at the Albany in Deptford in 1974, and worked there until 1980.

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