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Carry Gorney

Carry Gorney is an artist, writer and psychotherapist currently living between London and Eastern France. She worked in community arts and video from 1968. Amongst her many initiatives, she developed the use of video for community participation. Whilst working with Inter-Action (1977), she created Sweet 16, reminiscences on video filmed by sixteen year olds in living rooms and kitchens on a Milton Keynes housing estate. 

Subsequently (1978-9), in collaboration with Channel 40, Milton Keynes, she initiated Women Talking, a series of television programmes made by women, which were broadcast over a twelve-month period. Recently, within the NHS, she innovated Seeing is Believing: an intervention where parents film magic moments between themselves and their young children. Her memoir ‘Send Me A Parcel With A Hundred Lovely Things' links her family’s experience as refugees with her own journey through the alternative arts movement of the 1970s.
Carry and Maureen