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Mary Sheridan

Mary Sheridan first used a porta-pak while working at the Center for Understanding Media in New York City where, among other things, she experimented with dancers to create choreography for screen. 

In 1973, she and her porta-pak were invited to London to use video with the newly emerging Dance Department at Goldsmith's College. She worked on various projects in England and Europe over the next few years, including documenting and editing a tape about The International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women (Brussels 1976).  

Mary joined the Albany Video Project the same year. She made videos with participants in various Combination Theatre projects, and taped women’s oral histories with local pensioners. She made tapes with several women’s groups, including Lewisham Women’s Aid. Together with residents and staff of the women’s shelter, she completed But What Did You Do To Deserve It?, to help the women speak to groups about their experiences.  Mary worked with John White on Aug 13: What Happened, and Us Girls.  During that time, she also taught video in the social work and adult education departments at Goldsmiths.  

Mary returned to the US in December 1979 to pursue her interest in mental health care.  She subsequently worked as a psychotherapist, taught classes as adjunct faculty in college counseling programs as well as for the interested public, and directed non-profit programs providing counseling services.
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