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All You Need's An Excuse

Cat No: DSS0009
Date: 14th November 1972
Location: Beckford, North London
Original format: 16mm
Colour: B/W


Parents take matters into their own hands to claim a safe play 
space for their children in traffic-filled Beckford, North London. This 
campaigning film advocates the benefits of direct action, offset against
 the pitfalls of apathy - and makes use of a bold and unconventional 
filmmaking style.

It was made by Liberation Films, which developed from a group of 
activists, including a doctor and several teachers, all campaigning 
against American involvement in Vietnam.  They produced campaigning 
films in local communities and were particularly active in the 1970s.

Production Credits

Tony Wickert - Director
Geoff and Marie Richman - Producers

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