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Who Killed Colin Roach - Extracts

Cat No: 1610029608
Date: 1982
Location: London
Original format: U-matic
Colour: Colour



Who Killed Colin Roach? is Isaac Julien's first film, which reflects upon the death of Colin Roach, a 23 year old who was shot at the entrance of a police station in East London, in 1982.   
Even though the police claimed Roach had commited suicide, evidence  showed otherwise. Isaac Julien says that this work is essentially a  response to the riots, an answer to certain fixed ways of looking at  black cultures, but also at those ways we might feel about ourselves.  
According to Paul Gilroy, "Territories and Who Killed Colin Roach? are among the best documents with which we can explain why the  conflicts of the 1980s arose and why they must now be examined again."

These extracts are from the original 34 minute film: more here.

Production Credits

Isaac Julien


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