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John ‘Hoppy' Hopkins

Cat No: CVAOH002
Duration: 00:23:48
Location: London
Year: 2016
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Hoppy was a British photographer, video-maker, journalist,
researcher and political activist, prominent in counter cultural 
circles from the late 1960s onwards. In the late 1960s he was an ‘early adopter’ of portable video technology, initiating and working with a number of groups and organisations, including the Arts Lab, TVX, IRAT and Fantasy Factory.FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
 00:00:34 In the beginning I didn't have a goal in mind.  But when I arrived in London in 1960 I eventually became a photographer 00:01:37 The rise of International Times-  an underground magazine 00:03:26 February 1969: A friend mentioned video to me 00:04:22 With a little help from Sony  00:05:50: When people see themselves 00:06:3: Do anything you want 00:07:56 The London New Arts Laboratory and TVX 00:08:34  A video intervention at the BBC 00:10:43 Community action in Notting Hill 00:11:59 Video in community development  00:13:37 Fantasy Factory A video resource run in partnership with Sue Hall 00:14:48 How to use general systems theory to run a video resource 00:16:26 Video as evidence in magistrates' courts in the UK 00:16:54 The Association of Video Workers 00:18:22 Technical Interventions 00:19:58 A rescue from oblivion -To digitise and archive our heritage 00:21:26 Epilogue - Song of Long Ago
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Andy Porter
Heinz Nigg
Ieuan Franklin

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