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Andy Porter

Cat No: CVAOH006
Duration: 00:33:58
Location: Shepherds Bush, London
Year: 2017
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Andy Porter was a founder member of West London Media Workshop (originally CAC Video) in Notting Hill. WLMW made videos with local tenants, pensioners, artists, young people and activists, sometimes on behalf of the group and sometimes with the participants hands-on. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE.

Content. 00:07:00 So much energy came out of it, 00:14 Portrait of Andy Porter, born 1945 in London (UK) Works and Lives in London, Filmmaker, Community Video activist 00:19 I grew up in Bromley. 01:07 My dad was a civil servant and my mother a housewife. 02:30 Leaving the church when Sixteen. 03:35 Joining Youth-CND / Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. 04:25 Just wanting to breath. 06:03 After studying English at Sussex University I moved to Notting Hill in 1968. 08:11 Working with skinheads. 09:22 Community and Youth Work studies at Goldsmiths College, 1972-74 / First encounter with video. 11:46 First community video experiments in Notting Hill - John Hoppy Hopkins / Founding of West London Media Workshop with Ken Lynam and Fonce Santana. 13:38 Video tapes about housing conditions. 16:12 Combining community video with youth work. 18:34 Discovering identity politics / Ken Lynam and the Irish Video Project / The People to People series on Channel 4. 20:46 Making a living / My job as a video operator / Videos for social agencies. 22:37 Back to Channel 4 with community style filmmaking on a fictional base / Cooperation with Jonnie Turpie. 26:49 Back to my region / Video work with young people in the East End of London / Hi8us South and Midlands / UK Sound TV / Grime. 30:03 Brexit and the East End / The Geezers / BOW - Then & Now. 33:37 Credits
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Production Credits

Heinz Nigg
Ed Webb-Ingall
 Zoe Kinross, Siobhan Schwartzberg, Ceridwen Williams
Ieuan Franklin