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Tony Dowmunt

Cat No: CVAOH005
Duration: 00:39:19
Location: Deptford, London, SE8
Year: 2016
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Tony  is an Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths, University of London. He worked in community-based video  from 1975 to 1989 -  first at WACAT, then Albany Video. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:01:38 Home 00:02.32 A distanced father, but a secure existence
00:03:36 Alienated from my social background 00:05: 08 My life at boarding schools - Film and identity 00:06:47 At public school – 1964-68
00:07:59 Studying English Literature in Oxford- Hanging out with American
draft dodgers 00:08:58 Pursuing my interest in film 00:09:52 1972: A two year course at a film school in Guilford 00:11:11 George Stoney and the mirror machine- A crash course in community video 00:13:24 What I learned from community video in North America 00:14:24 Back in the UK: Finishing my film course and buying my first video portapak. Meeting Su Braden 00:16:15 Aylesbury Estate, South East London - Bedrock of a social and communityrevolution? 00:17:49 Video with young people  00:20:28 The Association of Video Workers - John Hoppy Hopkins  00:21:18 Writing up my video experience with young people - From process to product - I join Albany Video 00:24:12 Becoming a franchised workshop - Channel 4 - The Vision of Alan Fountain - Funding from the GLC (Greater London Council) 00:26:13 How we cooperated with Channel 4 - Beyond our Ken  00:28:11 Other locally based productions for Channel 4 - We lose our franchise - Being White - Albany Video Distribution  00:30:52 The Miners' strike 1984-85 - A highlight of nationwide video campaigning  00:32:12 International exchange - Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) 00:33:53 Setting up our own company – APT -Remote Control, Channels of Resistance, Tactical TV 00:37:20 Teaching the MA course in Documentary at Goldsmiths, University of London


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Heinz Nigg
Zoe Kinross, Ceridwen Williams, Siobhan Schwartzberg
Ieuan Franklin