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Sue Hall

Cat No: CVAOH003
Duration: 00:26:22
Location: London
Year: 2017
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Sue Hall co-founded Fantasy Factory with John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, after making videos with the squatting community in Kentish Town.  FF was a not-for-profit editing and post-production facility which served alternative and non-mainstream community of video makers from 1975 -1996.
00:00:52 Vienna 00:01:35 My grandparents 00:01:56 A vision of Kathmandu 00:02:44 Learning how to argue 00:04:07 Beat poets at Albert Hall 00:07:05 Dropping out and wanting to go to Nepal 00:07:38 Back in London Squatting in the early 70's 00:10:19 Introduction to video by John Hoppy Hopkins 00:11:33 Participant observation 00:13:26 October 1974, a letter from the BFI 00:16:31 Our three rates policy 00:17:34 Assemble editing and replaying tapes 00:19:07 Impact on the squatter community: raising their profile 00:19:22 Making a living 00:20:26 Founding Fantasy Factory with John "Hoppy" Hopkins 00:22:08 Learning from the commercial sector 00:24:16 The squatters tapes: Our heritage
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Heinz Nigg
Ed Webb-Ingall
Andy Porter
Ieaun Franklin

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