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ED Berman

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Duration: 00:29:07
Location: Canary Wharf, London
Year: 2016
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Professor Edward David (ED) Berman, MBE, FRSA, is an  American-born British (dual national) community educator, social entrepreneur/activist, children's poet, playwright, director and producer. ED was the founder of Inter-Action Trust in 1968, an umbrella organisation for a range of innovative, creativity-based projects and community education systems. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
Content. 00:00:07 Exploring Community Video: its all about focus.00:00:11 Portrait of Edward David (ED) Berman, Born 1941 in Lewiston Maine (USA) Lives and Works in London, Founder and CEO of the Inter-Action Group of Charities. President of a national youth organisation giving speeches around the country. 00:06:24 Back in Harvard, learning about Ghandi, and late night talking. 00:09:13 Getting into community work, a game method for co-operation and creativity. 00:11:03 Move to England and studies at Oxford. 00:13:54 From university to community theatre in London, starting up Inter Action. 00:18:03 Exploring community video, it's all about focus! 00:21:28 Working as a cooperative and starting the first city farm in the UK. 00:23:04 Pioneering community arts and community media, break through at the Arts Council. 00:25:57 From publishing to the Instant Business Enterprise System (IBES). 00:27:32 Why Inter-Action changed from a cooperative to a social enterprise.
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