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Loraine Leeson

Cat No: CVAOH012
Duration: 00:19:40
Location: London
Year: 2016
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Loraine Leeson is a senior lecturer at Middlesex  University and director of cSPACE. She has worked with communities through the visual arts for nearly forty years, creating artworks and initiatives in the public domain. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:01:52 My First Use of Video 00:02:57 Coming Back from Germany: Film and Video Fellowship 00:03:46 Emergency: Bethnal Green Hospital Occupation Video 00:06:16 Video or Photography 00:08:11 TheLimitations of Video 00:09:58 The Docklands Community Poster Project 00:12:25 Art as a Campaigning Tool 00:13:10 A Change in Politics: What We Did Next 00:14:10 What I learnt from Community Art 00:15:21 Getting Back to Community Video 00:16:58 The Future of Community Video
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Rosie Saunders
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Siobhan Schwartzberg

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