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Paul Morrison

Cat No: CVAOH028
Duration: 00:22:27
Location: Barnet, London
Year: 2016
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Paul Morrison went to work for the BBC, after studying at Cambridge University and the RCA film school.  Uncomfortable with mainstream media, he left the BBC in 1970 to join Inter-Action in Kentish town, founding their media department to make videos with kids and community groups, and experimental participatory films. [Note: Paul's name is misspelt in the 2nd title card, also Inter-Action  as Interaction, and ED Berman’s name (as Burnham) further on - our apologies]  FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
04:02:01 Joining the BBC 05:26:03 Moving on to Inter-Action 07:38:03 The Inter-Action lifestyle 08:46:24 ED Berman methodology 09:30:09 Battling top-down media representation 11:10:14 Working in the local community 12:29:08 I still wanted a revolution 13:17:00 Troops Out 14:50:10 John Hopkins fixed our cameras 15:27:14 Big Flame 16:37:01 Newsreel 18:28:24 Counter culture 21:18:19 I had always wanted to be an artist
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Zoe Kinross
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Ceridwen Williams

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