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Jackie Shaw

Cat No: CVAOH014
Duration: 00:24:29
Location: Reading, Bekshire
Year: 2016
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Jackie Shaw currently works at the Institute of  Development Studies.  From 1984 she pioneered participatory video practice as a founding director of Real Time, a leading UK exponent of participatory video. She is co-author of Participatory Video (1997) the first definitive guide. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:01:04 Growing Up In A SingleParent Family 00:02:56 Quite an Academic Child 00:04:12 No Jobs, No Opportunities 00:05:36 The Community Programme And Starting Out On Video 00:09:16 Early Video Equipment, Recording And Playback 00:10:44 Process vs Product? 00:13:31 The Real Time Process 00:18:23 The Importance Of A Group Process 00:21:45 My Academic Work: Reframing Participatory Video 00:22:37 Growing Through Confidence In Community Video
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Rosie Saunders
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Siobhan Schwartzberg

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