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Femi Otitoju

Cat No: CVAOH026
Duration: 00:17:09
Location: London
Year: 2016
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Femi Otitoju was a participant in the ground-breaking video Framed Youth. Since coming out in the late '70's, Femi has been an activist on Black and Lesbian issues and now runs her own consultancy. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
01:27:05 the 70s: second-wave feminism 03:58:09 consciousness raising groups 05:58:22 all good feminists had a bicycle 07:02:18 I was out and incredibly active 07:50:04 Jimmy Somerville and Mark Ashton of Framed Youth 09:37:20 taking control of our stories 10:33:07 Framed Youth reach 11:11:05 â€™Promoting of Homosexuality’: Section 28 1987 11:54:15 agitation to institutional change  14:10:12 Challenge Consultancy 15:15:00 media organisations are committed to change  17:05:00 credits
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Production Credits

Zoe Kinross
Interview and Editing
Ceridwen Williams

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