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Geoff Stow

Cat No: CVAOH023
Duration: 00:28:39
Location: London
Year: 2016
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Geoff Stow joined Albany Video on a full-time basis after working on adventure playgrounds in Deptford.  His initial work at Albany Video was with the local community working with kids on art projects and making tapes around issues of local concern such as housing conditions. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:01:56 Adventure playgrounds 00:03:35Community arts in Deptford 00:05:24 How I came to the Albany 00:06:56 What’s on at the Albany? 00:09:40 Regular people weren’t on TV 00:11:30 August 13: Battle of Lewisham 00:12:43 Process over product: What did you do to deserve it?  00:13:52 Equipment struggles 00:15:16 How we worked 00:17:45 
Video wasn’t always the answer 00:19:13 Channel 4 funding: Downham 00:20:58 Technology led the evolution 00:22:41 Thatcher’s cuts 00:25:02 Moving on to self-build 00:26:32 I was all about the simple stuff 00:27:29 Community arts: then and now
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Zoe Kinross
Interview and Editing
Ceridwen Williams

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