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Maggie Pinhorn

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Location: London
Year: 2016
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Maggie started her career in the film industry but, dissatisfied with it, became an early pioneer of using film and video making in the community.  The first film she made with a mixed group of young people in Tower Hamlets — Tunde’s Film - was a seminal film of the period. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:15 Growing up. School. 00:01:08 Going to Art School 00:02:23 Youth Culture & Soft Power 00:03:00 Getting work as a production designer 00:04:13 Changing my look 00:04:44 Meeting Ken Adam 00:05:21 The only woman on the crew 00:06:29 Becoming a film director 00:08:10 Tunde's Film (1973) : How it began 00:10:10 Tunde's Film: Community Production 00:14:31 The Basement Project 00:15:45 East End Channel One 00:19:04 Reflections on The Basement Project 00:22:35 The Product 00:24:17 Alternative Arts.Photomonth 00:25:44 In praise of community arts
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Zoe Kinross

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