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Carry Gorney

Cat No: CVAOH0007
Duration: 00:36:37
Location: London
Year: 2016
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Carry Gorney is an artist, writer and psychotherapist currently living between London and Eastern France. She worked in community arts and video from 1968. Among her many initiatives, she developed the use of video for community participation. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:00 Screeningsand Sausage Rolls 00:01:07 Studying drama at Manchester University in the early 1960s 00:03:00 Working at the Manchester Library Theatre and discovering improvisation  00:4:16 Moving to London in 1967 in search of the alternative arts scene  00:05:45 Meeting Ed Berman and starting to work with children and young people  00:07:15 Using video forthe first time with mothers and babies a Family Service Unit (FSU) 00:09:14 Inter-Action Arts 00:11:12 On the road with the Inter-Action Community Media Van 00:13:03 Defying Infrastructure - taking art to the streets and in to peoples homes  00:14:46 Mobility and the ownership of Community Video material 00:17:31 Inter-Action in Milton Keynes 00:19:20 Sweet 16 00:21:14 Working with Channel 40 - The Milton Keynes community cable TV network 00:21:54 Debating the value open access TV with Channel 40  00:22:39 Making Women Talking and Thing That Mother Never Told Us 00:26:29 The women’s movement & facilitating discussions on female identity 00:29:05 Becoming a participant 00:31:24 The Community Video Movement - a male dominated movement? 00:33:37 From Milton Keynes to Long Beach California 00:34:49 Using video again as a family therapist in the NHS
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