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John White

Cat No: CVAOH08
Duration: 00:26:27
Location: London
Year: 2016
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John White is a BAFTA award-winning TV and multi-platform director and producer. He founded the video project at the Albany in Deptford in 1974, and worked there until 1980. He was for 8 years a Director of Hi8us South, one of the UK's leading participatory youth media organizations.
00:00:17 Growing Up 00:02:36 Guildford Technical College Getting into Counterculture 00:04:01 First contact with the Brighton Combination 00:04:39 The Brighton Combination in London Social work as a middle class career 00:05:55 First experience of Video & Meeting John Hopkins 00:08:37 Influence of Challenge for Change(National Film Board of Canada) 00:10:36 First work as Albany Video Pepys Estate 00:13:43 After Pepys, Importance of Community Workers  00:14:44  August 13th (1977) 00:16:46 Us Girls (1979) 00:18:12 Evolution of Albany Video Channel 4  00:20:25 Hi8us L8r (2003-2008)  00:21:44 Thoughts on distribution 00:24:20 Learned experience Looking to the future
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Production Credits

Ceridwen Williams
Interview and Edit
Zoe Kinross

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