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Jon Dovey

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Location: Bristol
Year: 2016
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Jon Dovey is Professor of Screen Media at UWE, Bristol. After leaving University in 1978 he worked at what was first called ‘Two Boroughs Video Project’ and then Oval Video from 1979–1982 with the video pioneer Nick Fry. Oval Video was based at the Oval House Theatre and worked across South London. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:05 There wasn’t one method or approach 00:03:33 Oval video 1979 – 1982 00:05:38  Performance Art, Video and Radical Theatre 00:08:29 Video camera technology : the Portapak and instant playback - a revolutionary moment 00:11:52 Fight the cuts, 1980 00:13:45Primitive video editing technology 00:15:49 Developments in technology and theory - Understanding the medium 00:19:08 Watch out! There’s a Queen about, 198100:21:37 Go For It! 1982 00:22:12 The Community Video Network & the London Filmmakers Co-op 00:25:51 Funding as Community Arts 00:27:05 Video Broadcast and TV 00:28:05 The Birth of Channel Four 00:29:51From Community Video to Scratch Video 00:31:48 From Scratch Video to Academia
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