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Su Braden

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Location: Oxford
Year: 2016
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Su Braden trained as a visual artist in the 1960s, was the art critic on Time Out, then set up the Walworth and Aylesbury Community Arts Trust (WACAT) in south London in the mid 1970s. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:05 The Camera as a Group Imaginary 00:00:54 Starting out as a journalist then an architect’s assistant in the late 1960s 00:01:45 An eye-opening summer of Pop Art in New York 1967 00:02:45 Art school in 1968 00:03:08 Pavilions in the Parks 00:05:21 From site-specific sculpture to Community Art 00:06:00 Art on the Aylesbury Estate 00:07:14 WACAT: The Walworth and Aylesbury Community Arts Trust 00:08:21 The design of the Aylesbury Estate and its impact on the community 00:09:13 Introducing video workshops on the Aylesbury Estate 00:10:27 Video workshops on the Aylesbury: The camera as a group imaginary 00:12:11 Bringing isolated individuals and groups together - Alliance Building as Community Arts practice 00:13:37 How to define Community Video 00:15:12 Documenting a community in flux Michael Faraday School, 1977 00:17:06 WACAT finally acquire their own video equipment…  00:17:31 …that is stolen just days later 00:18:43 Linking up networks on the estate to create a joint enterprise  00:19:44 From the Aylesbury Estate to the forests of Cameroon 00:21:51 Returning to England and unemployment in 1979 00:22:21 Establishing Barefoot Video workshop in Brighton in the early 1980s 00:23:15 Working with unemployed youth in Newhaven 00:23:39 Health or Human Rights, 1984 00:25:30 Enabling the elderly to shoot video and represent their own experience 00:26:56 Alliance building encourages many small courageous acts 00:29:50 The wider impacts of Health or Human Rights  00:30:46 Expanding the use of video to enable alliances between rural communities and government 00:34:46 Alliance building as a key theme: video as a site for negotiations
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