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Jeff Cole

Cat No: CVOH0029
Duration: 00:24:32
Location: London
Year: 2016
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Jeff Cole (aka Upekshapriya) is a Buddhist and a gay man living in Manchester. He started filmmaking when he was 22 in the Lesbian and Gay Youth Video Project, and with about 25 others made Framed Youth - the revenge of the teenage perverts. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:02:00 Philip Timmins and Andy Lipman Set Up the Project 00:04:43 What was Documentary Film: How Did We Want to Make It? 00:07:46 Jeff’s Role 00:09:17 The Subjects We Covered in Framed Youth 00:11:33 A Curriculum of Film Making 00:16:50 It Was Shown on Television Late at Night 00:19:55 Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners 00:21:53 As a Result of Framed Youth Several of Us Became Film Makers
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Production Credits

Elly Nakajima
Interview and Edit
Nicola Field, Siobhan Schwartzberg