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Menelik Shabazz

Cat No: CVAOH021
Duration: 00:40:47
Location: Goldsmiths College, London
Year: 2017
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Menelik Shabazz is an Award winning film director, producer, and writer, and a key pioneer in the development of contemporary black British cinema.  He he was introduced to the first portable video technology whilst studying at North London College. The Sony portapak demystified filmmaking for him and made the filmmaking process accessible.  Menelik’s first film was Step Forward Youth, a documentary made with young Black people in Brixton and Ladbroke Grove which was one of the first films to give Black youth a voice in the UK.
00:00:10 Growing Up 00:02:05 School in Barbados 00:02:50 The ‘Cowboy Cinema’ 00:03:34 Leaving Barbados 00:04:45 Arriving In London 1961
00:06.40 School in London in the 1960’s and the pressure of assimilation 00:08:35 Tennis Whites and Black Power 00:11.05 Thomas Braithwaite becomes a Menelik Shabazz. Joining the Black Liberation Front and becoming an activist 00:13:06 Not getting into Art School but discovering the PortaPak 00:14:34 Experimenting with style by making my first film in Ridley Market 00:16:32 Six Months at London Film School 00:18:40 Step Forward Youth, 1977 00:20:56 Step Forward Youth at the festival of Black Arts and Culture in Nigeria 00:22:05 Entering the world of TV 00:22:54 Making a documentary about the SUS law for ATV 00:24:18 BreakingPoint, 1978. Breaking new ground 00:26:39 The power and the problem with the mainstream 00:27:46 Developing Burning an Illusion 1978 with financial support from the BFI 00:29:25 Documenting the New Cross fire. Blood Ah Go Run, 1981 00:30:51 Establishing a Video Workshop 00:31:37 Ceddo Film and Video Workshop 00:33:08 Broadwater Farm and making The People’s Account, 1986 00:35:53 Time and Judgement, 1988 and the end of the Channel Four Workshops 00:37:15 Establishing Black Filmmaker Magazine and the
Black Filmmakers Festival 00:39:26 Where’s Your Voice? Filmmaking today
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Production Credits

Andy Porter
Camera and Edit
Rosie Saunders

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