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Jerry Rothwell

Cat No: CVAOH31
Duration: 00:33:17
Location: Laughton, East Sussex
Year: 2018
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Jerry Rothwell is a maker of feature documentaries, who started out working in community video work in the 1980's in various locations across the UK... More here  
00:00:05 Speaking to Power. 00:00:30 Studying English at Cambridge University. 00:02:08 The 1980s, Channel Four and VHS Camcorders. 00:04:06 Finding a Mentor on a Community Programme Scheme. 00:05:41 Early Days as a Sessional Community Video Worker. 00:0-8:13 Working at Valley and Vale Community Arts, South Wales. 00:11:06 Making Trade in Wind, 1988. 00:12:18 Freelancing as a Community Media Worker in Coventry in the late 19890"s. 00:13:14 Making Our Lives, 1990. 00:16:00 The Power of Using New Technology. 00:17:17 Using Video to Investigate Jobs and Work. 00:18:24 A View from Inside, 1991. 00:20:02 Hi8us. 00:21:36 From Arts Management to Making Feature Docs. 00:22:47 Making Feature Documentaries Deep Water, 2006 and Heavy Load, 2008. 00:25:08 Heavy Load Contributors Seize their Moment in the Spotlight. 00:26:51 The Difference Between Documentary Filmmaker and Community Video Facilitator.00:30:41 The Legacy of Community Video. 
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Production Credits

Camera and Edit
Rosie Saunders
Andy Porter