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Nicola Gibson

Cat No: CVAOH32
Duration: 00:28:51
Location: Lewes, East Sussex
Year: 2018
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After becoming politicised as a student at Sussex University, Nicola 
began working in Community Arts, using video to give people a voice in a
 number of community settings, particularly focusing on working with 
those with learning and physical disabilities, and producing with them 
the groundbreaking Whose Disability? and Deaf Terrorists Vs The Hearing World  (of
 which we have so far been unable to find a copy).  She went on to join 
the BBC, becoming an award-winning producer/director in documentaries before
 leaving for a freelance career working in a number of formats where her
 core interest is still encouraging the making of programmes/films with 
people rather than about people. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:05 Making Films With People Not About Them. 00:00:33 Sussex University in the 1970's. 00:03:03 Joining the Women's Movement. 00:04:55 Using Video at a Community Arts Workshop in Kemptown, Brighton. 00:06:40 The Benefits of Video Playback. 00:07:37 Whose Disability? 1982. 00:12:10 The Legacy of Whose Disability? 00:13:57 Action Space London Events. 00:17:06 Shape and the Changing Focus of Community Arts. 00:18:34 Deaf Terrorists Vs The Hearing World, 1984. 00:21:47 Working as an In-House Producer/Director at the BBC. 00:24:38 Moving Away from Television. 00:26:50 Making Oral History and Coming Full Circle.
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Rosie Saunders
Tony Dowmunt

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