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Participatory Video

Date: 1st January 1970
Type: Book




Cover of a book by Jackie Shaw and Clive Robertson. Participatory Video is a comprehensive guide to using video in group development work. Used in a participatory way, video can be a powerful tool, which allows clients to examine the world around them, gain awareness of their situation and become more actively involved in decisions which affect their lives.

Based on an innovative approach researched over twelve years, the book sets out a complete programme for workers in a range of social work, community, education and health settings. 

It features over 60 exercises, explaining clearly the procedure to 
follow, the time needed and the value of each activity. It includes 
practical advice on:  

  • workshop planning 
  • video equipment and how to use it 
  • teaching technical skills to group members 
  • running long-term projects

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