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A Woman's Place

Cat No: DSS0008
Duration: 00:32:24
Date: 1971
Location: Unknown
Original format: 16mm
Colour: B/W



A Woman’s Place  takes as its focus the emerging Women’s Liberation movement. Filmed at the Oxford Women’s Liberation conference in 1970 and the Women’s Liberation March in 1971, it addresses gender and place by challenging the stereotypical portrayal of female silence, domesticity and disorganisation. This is achieved by showing women of varied ages, races and backgrounds coming together to talk openly, sharing mixed opinions and experiences, and then moving from the private, female only space of the conference hall to the public space of a march on the streets of London. The women’s movement provided an essential influence for community video groups engaging with new ideas of collectivity and self-representation. A Woman’s Place provides an example of a community film project that saw Liberation Films working closely within and for a community, this time bound by identity rather than locality, which would become commonplace by the end of the 1970s. 
Sue Crockford discusses the film here

Production Credits

Liberation Films & Sue Crockford


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