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IEC Letters for Write-On!

Cat No: CVA0045
Duration: 00:14:45
Date: Unknown
Location: Shadwell, Tower Hamlets, Stepney, London, E1
Original format: Sony ½ Open Reel V-60H High Density
Colour: B/W



A youth group committee comprising of teenagers led by an adult coordinator voice their letters to the camera, complaining about the lack of social activities for young people on housing estates in East London. One young man wishes there was a motor-bike club he could attend. After an in-depth discussion, they decide they would like to run a four-day-a-week disco at the youth club they are chairing, and would like to participate in go-carting in the Summer. The young committee hope that from the money raised from the discos, they will be able to fund go-carting in the summer.

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