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Alphonse Santana

Cat No: CVAOH015
Duration: 00:23:06
Location: London
Year: 2017
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Alphonso Santana was born of Spanish and Gibraltarian parents and grew up just off the Portobello Road in Notting Hill.  He was recruited to work at West London Media Workshop (previously CAC Video) by Andy Porter, who had worked with him and other young people as a detached youth worker with the People’s Association. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:01:05 Home 00:01:49 Meeting A Youth Worker 00:05:53 Getting Into Community Video Making 00:07:43 The Powis Square Tape – The First Thing We Edited 00:08:10 My Skills Came to Bear in Community Video  00:09:54 Learning about Socialism 00:11:17 Different Groups, Different Interests 00:17:41 They Let us Go 00:18:06 My First Solo Film Shoot  00:18:59 Looking After My Mum 00:21:28 Working in Art Production  00:22:27 Back To Community Projects
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Camera/Interview/Edit: Siobhan Schwartzberg