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Carol Stevens

Cat No: CVAOH0027
Duration: 00:23:15
Location: Bristol
Year: 2016
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Carol Stevens is a film-maker and senior lecturer at the University of the West of England. She became involved in community video in London during the 1980’s and worked on and produced community and social issue programmes at Albany Video, working primarily with women and young women’s groups. FULL BIOGRAPHY HERE
00:00:15 Growing up and education 00:02:03 Moving back to London. Oval Video 00:03:30  Women working in film and video 00:04:38 The KY2000 Colour Camera.Greenham Common  00:06:33 Authorship  00:07:39 Albany Video 00:08:04 Rough with the Smooth 00:09:18 Second Wave  00:10:14 MsTaken Identity (1985) 00:13:05 Channel 4 Franchise  00:15:28 Process & Product  00:17:36 Moving on from Albany Video  00:18:54 Influences & a change in aesthetic 00:20:24  Continuity & present work 00:21:38 Reflections on early work
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Rosie Saunders
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Zoe Kinross