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Clive Scollay

Cat No: CVAOH33
Duration: 00:43:57
Location: London
Year: 2018
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After working to Set Up the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Clive Scollay travelled across America researching alternative video, then ended up in London and became Team Leader on the InterAction Media Van from 1972-75. More here
00:00:05 Isn't it Time They Told Their Own Stories? 00:01:02 Working To Set Up the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. 00:02:48 The San Francisco Video Scene. 00:04:26 Meeting George Stoney in New York. 00:04:52 Returning to London, meeting Ed Berman & becoming a member of InterAction. 00:06:25 Working at InterAction. 00:07:25 The Media Van. 00:09:35 Working in the East End of London with the Docklands Campaign. 00:12:31 Measuring the Success of the Docklands Campaign. 00:14:13 Taking the Media Van to the E! Festival 197??? 00:17:13 The Media Van travels the country with an exhibition called "How to Play the Environment Game". 00:19:32 Confronting The Birmingham Corporation "The Corpy'. 00:20:53 Working with Gypsies and Travellers in Birmingham. 00:22:23 Working in Newcastle with people affected by the Byker Development. 00:23:03 Assessing the succcess of Media Van projects. 00:23:57 Returning to Australia and Aboriginal Culture. 00:26:10 Talking about he Media Van project on the radio leads to job offer. 00:27:03 Working in Darwin post-cyclone for the Darwin Disaster Welfare. Council. 00:30:03 Working with the Aboriginal Culture Foundation. 00:31:31 Taking Aboriginal Bark painting to Sydney. 00:32:41 Causing a Stir at the AIATSTS Ethnographic Filmmakers Conference, 1979. 00:34:41 Establishing CAAMA: The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association. 00:38:05 CAAMA's First Job: Interviewing Eartha Kitt. 00:39:38 Working with Pitjantjatjara Artists in Uluru (Ayer's Rock). 00:42:15 BRACS -Broadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme. 00:
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Clive Scollay
Camera and Interview
Tony Dowmunt
Rosie Saunders