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Us Girls

Cat No: CVA0029
Duration: 00:30:25
Date: 1979
Location: South London
Original format: 1/2" BW
Colour: B/W



“We’re living in a man-made world — just ain’t no place for a girl,” lines from the song which opens this lively tape about five working-class girls from South London. Adapted from a play by the Albany Youth Theatre, the girls talk about what it means to be brought up ‘a girl’ — attitudes from parents, schools and employers; the reality for them of the ‘equal pay’ law and sexual harassment they encounter at work on the streets. Scenes are acted out in which they explore their attitudes towards each other, their boyfriends, going to bars or getting dole, pregnancy and finding a place to live, to name but a few. Taken from Albany Video Distribution Catalogue.

Production Credits

John White, Mary Sheridan


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