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Watch Out — There's a Queer About!

Cat No: CVA0128a
Duration: 00:07:57
Date: 1st January 1980
Location: Unknown
Original format: Sony Video Cassette KCA 60 U-Matic
Colour: Colour



(Extract) Police Cadet Training Film No. 69…‘Male Homosexuals and the criminal law.’ In wonderful spoof style the tape uses actors to reconstruct scenes of police investigation and harassment of gay men…from the point of view of the police. Despite the humour, the message is a serious one, giving information on the law and acts of parliament affecting gay men. The tape is not about excesses and abuses of power nor about prejudiced police officers, but rather about the routine everyday enforcement of contradictory, sometimes absurd, but nonetheless consistently oppressive legal machine, the implications of which affect many people beyond the gay community. All is not quite lost however — in true epilogue style our friendly Dixon (of Dock Green fame) gives advice on what to do if you are arrested.

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Oval Video


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