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Cat No: CVA0047
Duration: 00:32:20
Date: 1st January 1975
Location: St George's Townhall, Stepney, London, E1
Original format: Sony ½ Open Reel V-60H High Density
Colour: Unknown



The Intermediate Education Centre (IEC) comprising of young people aged 12 to 16 lead by Penny Cunnington, their teacher put forward questions to counsellor Gerry Simons of Tower Hamlets about the Common Market and the referendum held in 1975 about whether the UK should leave. Gerry declares that he is voting out for various reasons that he discusses with the children. One of his concerns is that it will cost £500 million to become a full member of the E.E.C and that money could be invested in Britain. The last 15 minutes of the video explores the reasons why the children attend the IEC and not mainstream school.

Production Credits

Counsellor Gerry Simons, Mickey O'Connor, Penny Cunnington (participants)


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