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An Elastoplast Tin of Diamonds

Cat No: ?
Duration: 29.:
Date: 1979
Location: Milton Keynes
Original format: U-matic
Colour: Colour



Part of the Project ‘Things that Mother Never Told Us’, which includes ‘Women Talking’ , which took place in Milton Keynes 1978/9, in collaboration with Channel 40. The opening sequence is the song which opened every programme of Things That Mother Never Told Us. Carry Gorney wrote the song , and it was performed by one of the women participating in the project.
Like the other videos in the whole project, women recorded each other in their kitchens and living rooms talking about their childhood, friends, games, families, school. They then filmed children playing and dressing up to be shown over the soundtrack.  

Production Credits

Carry Gorney
Idea - Gay Wilkinson 
Sound Editor - Sarah Wilkinson
Pictures - Robin Stenham
Music - Dave Wilkinson & Ray Lewitt  
Equipment - Swindon Viewpoint
Funding - East Midlands Arts
Sound and Video Recording - Cliff Evans


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