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People to People: Health and Human Rights

Cat No: CVA0001
Duration: 00:52:41
Date: 31st July 1985
Location: Brighton & Hove
Original format: Sony 1inch v-16 High Band Master Tape
Colour: Colour



Brunswick Community Association Video Group interviews elderly individuals in the care system, health professionals and health authority personnel. Focusing on the effects of government policy relating to long-stay ward closures, an over-stretched district nursing service and lack of domiciliary care for the elderly, coinciding with the rise of private sector nursing homes, who place profits above care and quality of life. Commissioned by Channel 4 Television for 'People to People', part of a three-film series from Barefoot Video “Health or Human Rights? A happier old age” - The three titles are, 'Health or Human Rights? A happier old age', 'A Happier Old Age?' and 'Who Cares and How Much?'

Production Credits

Su Braden
Health of Human Rights? A Happier Old Age': Trudi Davies - Lighting Camera, Claire Hunt- Sound, Diana Holland - Production Assistant, Claire Hunt - Production Manager, Su Braden and Claire Hunt - Research and Training, Tim Lambert - Assistant and Researcher, Andy Lipman - Legal Advisor, Roderick Snell - Engineering Advice, Bell and Howell Ltd - Video Assistance, Su Braden and Trudi Davies - Offline Editors, Peter Cartwright - Online Editor, Post Production Facilities Research Recording and Videosonics, Su Braden - Producer and Director. 'Now We Are Older and Who Cares and How Much' Produced, Scripted and Edited by Brunswick Community Association Video Group: Ginny Butt, Lorraine Fifer, Paul Grivell, Julie Hartley, Peter Parker, Stephanie Reynolds, Kate Robertson.


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