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Peoples Account

Cat No: DSS0015
Duration: 00:50:17
Date: 1985
Location: Unknown
Original format: Unknown
Colour: Colour



Ceddo Film and Video Workshop was one of several black collectives set up in the 1980s with support from then-new broadcaster Channel 4 and the Greater London Council. Their  work was characterised by a radical left-wing critique of British  society in relation to black people and by an interest in African and Caribbean politics and history. The collective ran into trouble immediately with its first film   for Channel 4The People's Account (1985), a documentary about the Broadwater Farm riot in Tottenham, North London. The Independent Broadcasting Authority  (IBA) objected to the description of the police as racist, lawless  terrorists, and to the description of the riot as a legitimate act of self-defence. The IBA demanded editorial changes and when the filmmakers  refused, the programme was pulled from the schedules, never to be shown  on British television.
Cecil Gutzmore - the scriptwriter - discussses the film in Remote Control (32 mins in)

Production Credits

Director - Milton Bryan
Script - Cecil Gutzmore
Ceddo Film and Video Workshop


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